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faded beauty

Find me at Jena Ardell Photography

I know, I’ve been on a real photography binge lately but there are just so many wonderful photographers on Etsy. Creative, whimsical and beautiful. Today I’m featuring the lovely Polaroid photographs.
I’ve been using the new Fujifilm Instax lately and it’s pretty addictive. Not just because it’s instant but because of the cool effects of washed out, high contrast pictures you can get from them.

I can’t help it, I love things that look retro and Polaroids are just that. Retro and fun.

Find me at Emporium 51

Find me at Green Island Studios

Find me at Is Photography

Find me at The Dizzy Pixie

Find me at Futurowoman Fotographie

Find me at Velvet Images

Find me at Violet Julia Photography

Find me at Susannah Tucker Photography


Through the Viewfinder

Find me at Cassia Beck

Through the Viewfinder photography (TtV) is a photographic technique in which a photograph is shot with one camera through the viewfinder of a second camera. The viewfinder thus acts as a kind of lens filter.

The effect is so interesting, like you’re in a bubble looking out into the world, or looking in on another world…

I found these awesome photographs on Etsy.

Find me at Elgarbo Art

Find me at Hilary Upton

Find me at Pinecone Camp

Fine me at Squidart Photography

Find me at Peculiar Momma

Find me at Nepheliad

Find me at James Spicer

Find me at intocalico photography

Find me at Giggle Box Photography

Find me at Elle Moss

Find me at Find me at Elgarbo Art

photo sets. two times. three times. four times the fun!

This is one of my own.
I also found some beautiful and whimsical photo sets on Etsy. They’re so cute because they’re themed and buying four photos instead of one is just more fun!
Check them out below.

Find me at bomobob

Find these at is photography

Find these at Kristy Bee

Find me at Urban Design

Find these at Lolas Room

Find these at Yvette Inufio Photography

Pastel. Cake. Love

I didn’t quite know how to link all these items in together this week but I know when I look at them I want to eat them, so I guess that makes them yummy looking. I found some amazing pastel photographs, cupcakes, candy and whimsical delights. I also thought I would show you my cake stands made from op shop finds. Anyone can make them at home, you just need clear strong glue, three vintage plates in descending sizes and some little sherry glasses. They are great idea for displaying and serving cupcakes.

This photographer is amazing, her photos are so whimsical and I love the pastel colours.
Find me at Francoise Rachez Photographie

Wow what an adorable vintage cake stand!
Find me at Barking Sands Vintage

Yummy, who doesn’t love candy hearts? Nostalgic and very cute!
Find me at Lilley

This milk glass cake stand is fabulous. So retro.
Find me at Barking Sands Vintage

Isn’t this photo fun! I can almost smell the carnival.
Find me at Lindsey Hale Photography

A beautiful retro find to keep your cakes fresh
Find me at Lady Libertine Vintage

Love this cute little cupcake photograph! The candy heart confetti is brilliant
Find me at Heather King Photography

Another delicious looking cupcake print
Find me at Urban Pink Photography

The carnival again, have you noticed I like carnivals?
Find me at Honeytree photography

Edible, sparkly cake pearls. Try these when you bake next!
Find me at The Lil Details

Try making one at home!

The second one we made. I think I like it better, even without the cupcakes and roses 🙂

Nap time!

Don’t you just love vintage cushions? I know I have a whole stack of fabrics in my room ready to be made into heavenly cushions but I never seem to get around to making them.  So I have scoured Etsy and have the cutest cushions and pillows for you today. There’s retro, vintage, young and old. So rest those weary heads and have a nap.

Find me at plonka home

Find me at tbmum

Find me at chocolate creative

Find me at collecting feathers

Find me at gloaming designs

Find me at faded splendour

Find me at lemontree farm

Find me at vintage maison

Find me at Team Ruster

Find me at rock this vintage

For the love of photography

Lately I have become increasingly in love with photography. I have always been interested in it but with my new Canon camera in hand and my Etsy store now selling prints, I am feeling the full bloom of photo mania.
I am featuring this lovely photographer this week. You can find her on Etsy: The Light Fantastic. Here are some of her beautiful images.

Horsing Around

It was recently the Melbourne Cup in Australia which results in full on horsing around. The whole country stops and watches the race around the track, punters are out and ladies dress to impress. It’s a day to have a little time out, watch the race, sip champagne, choose a horse and for some odd reason, eat cold chicken. To celebrate the tradition, I have chosen some cute horsey items from Etsy to feature this week.

Find me at yesstreen

find me at boxer loving lady

find me at Day Glo Diva

find me at Paddy Ridge

find me at Good Merchants

find me at wear the heart is

find me at wear the heart is

find me at Yours, mine & our vintage

find me at Loved by Time

find me at Vintage Foster Care