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Photographing Blythe


Probably the biggest part of being a Blythe aficionado is taking their portraits. Here are some very inspiring and beautiful Blythe photographs for sale on Etsy.

Find me at Frankie Darling

Morgan Orton

Paper Sky Photography


Marivi Gomez



faded beauty

Find me at Jena Ardell Photography

I know, I’ve been on a real photography binge lately but there are just so many wonderful photographers on Etsy. Creative, whimsical and beautiful. Today I’m featuring the lovely Polaroid photographs.
I’ve been using the new Fujifilm Instax lately and it’s pretty addictive. Not just because it’s instant but because of the cool effects of washed out, high contrast pictures you can get from them.

I can’t help it, I love things that look retro and Polaroids are just that. Retro and fun.

Find me at Emporium 51

Find me at Green Island Studios

Find me at Is Photography

Find me at The Dizzy Pixie

Find me at Futurowoman Fotographie

Find me at Velvet Images

Find me at Violet Julia Photography

Find me at Susannah Tucker Photography

Through the Viewfinder

Find me at Cassia Beck

Through the Viewfinder photography (TtV) is a photographic technique in which a photograph is shot with one camera through the viewfinder of a second camera. The viewfinder thus acts as a kind of lens filter.

The effect is so interesting, like you’re in a bubble looking out into the world, or looking in on another world…

I found these awesome photographs on Etsy.

Find me at Elgarbo Art

Find me at Hilary Upton

Find me at Pinecone Camp

Fine me at Squidart Photography

Find me at Peculiar Momma

Find me at Nepheliad

Find me at James Spicer

Find me at intocalico photography

Find me at Giggle Box Photography

Find me at Elle Moss

Find me at Find me at Elgarbo Art

The aesthetic quality of the blur

Sometimes it can be hard to make a photograph interesting when the main focus is the bokeh or lights, like when I took a heap of photos of my different Christmas lights. There were small lights, fat lights, coloured lights which I thought would make for a pretty interesting photo. But it just ended up looking like blobs and I couldn’t see much interest in it at all.
The photo above was taking a different approach. I put the settings on soft focus and took a photo of the Christmas lights strung up above a blue/black night sky. It may not be the best photo but I think it is a lot more interesting than my ‘blob’ photos.

That’s why I am in such amazement of the fabulous bokeh photos on Etsy. They are captivating, interesting and I can honestly say I would hang them on my wall. Check them out.

Find me at Dylan Murphy Fine Art Photography

Find me at clamzee

Find me at Chelsea Victoria Photography

Find me at Patricia Ann Photography

Find me at Amelia Kay Photography

Find me at Catherine Nunnally Photography

Find me at Big Bean Photography

Find me at Kitty Rogers Photography

Find me at Marianne LoMonaco Fine Art Photography

photo sets. two times. three times. four times the fun!

This is one of my own.
I also found some beautiful and whimsical photo sets on Etsy. They’re so cute because they’re themed and buying four photos instead of one is just more fun!
Check them out below.

Find me at bomobob

Find these at is photography

Find these at Kristy Bee

Find me at Urban Design

Find these at Lolas Room

Find these at Yvette Inufio Photography

For the love of photography

Lately I have become increasingly in love with photography. I have always been interested in it but with my new Canon camera in hand and my Etsy store now selling prints, I am feeling the full bloom of photo mania.
I am featuring this lovely photographer this week. You can find her on Etsy: The Light Fantastic. Here are some of her beautiful images.