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Vintage dollies

Retro and vintage toys. They have been abandoned, played with for a short time, forgotten. The lost toys. Outdated but fabulous. We are now seeing a revival of love for these toys. With original Kenner Blythe dolls fetching up to 2 or 3 thousand on ebay, collectors of my little pony and care bears making them sought after little 80’s toys, we are remembering these wonderful toys once again. Yay for retro and vintage!

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The miniature world of aprons

Enter the world of miniature aprons for Blythe.
If anyone isn’t familiar with the Blythe doll, she is an adorable little girl being produced both in the US and in Japan. The respective brands being Hasbro (US) and Takara (Japan).
She was produced back in 1972 by the brand Kenner (which no longer operates) but due to lack of sales she was discontinued.
Skip ahead 30 years she started to get produced again in 2001 being a perfect replica of the original. She is a darling.
Due to her photogenic face and body that looks great in clothes there is a huge following of people (mostly adult women) out there who love to make clothes, dress her and take photos.
People also like to customize the doll which can bring about fantastic results and completely original little Blythes.

I recently purchased my first Blythe she is an ADG (Ashton Drake Galleries) which is made by Hasbro (US).
Her name (on the box) is Pinafore Purple but I personally called her Augustina. She is a darling red head – i love her hair, it’s spectacular.

You can see how people get attached to their dolls though. They are so sweet.

So to celebrate I am featuring these lovelies from Etsy.

How cute is this! This little Blythe apron by FernsCloset is so adorable. The polka dots are great and it comes with a hat too! I love the attention to detail with the tiny kitchen utensils.

This apron by BlytheCouture looks very functional for little Blythe. Wish I knew how to make the rounded frilly ones. I think they are timeless.

Wow now this is a set of 4 items by shopoholican . She has included in the set a Dress, skirt, hat and apron. The apron is so yummy with it’s cherries on it!

This one is brilliant. LarasFawn has made this set up look so realistic. I think she looks great in her functional bright cherry apron.

And last of all, one of my own. This apron is made with certified retro material from the 1970s.