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Through the Viewfinder

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Through the Viewfinder photography (TtV) is a photographic technique in which a photograph is shot with one camera through the viewfinder of a second camera. The viewfinder thus acts as a kind of lens filter.

The effect is so interesting, like you’re in a bubble looking out into the world, or looking in on another world…

I found these awesome photographs on Etsy.

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Deary Me

I know, lame pun. But seriously, I adore deers and fawns, and vintage ones are even better. There is an abundance of them on Etsy and I love having a look from time to time. To save you the trouble I have picked the cream of the crop. From Bambi to silver, we’ve got it all. Enjoy your walk in the forest.

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Aprons are making a comeback

As an apron designer and maker I am always looking around for inspiration and the latest and greatest designs to gauge what the apron climate is, and at the moment it’s pretty damn hot!
On Etsy aprons are all around you. From ruffles to reversible, full aprons and half aprons. Cute and funky material to floral and pretty. People out there are really getting into it.
When I first started making aprons a year ago people seemed to think it a little odd. They thought that aprons were a thing of the past. That they were retro and outdated but I soon realized that aprons were making a pretty forceful comeback.

No longer are they seen strictly in relation to 1950’s housewives and back even further into the annals of the 20th century but are now viewed as something anyone with a creative flair and a sewing machine can whip up into something gorgeous. The whole domestic goddess scene has helped with their reputation. Just throw on your snazzy apron and get cooking, but look great while doing it of course.
Not long after I started making them I also started selling them, a lot of them. To family friends and my own 20 something friends. Everyone wanted one. They bought them for birthdays and Christmas and even as a treat for themselves.
So to celebrate aprons making a comeback I would like to feature other bright young designers and their wonderful creations.

Here are some inspirational and totally unique aprons selling now on Etsy.

This sexy apron by loverdoversclothing is so great. I love the heart shaped bib, polka dots and classic color scheme.

I love this gorgeous apron by WiseOwlStudio. The fabric is beautiful and the design is really great and versatile.
I’m also a sucker for floral.

This nautical looking apron by DianneDesignerAprons is particularly attractive to me because of my love of anything even hinting at being nautical. Once again, awesome fabric, awesome design. Love it!

Now this half apron by fatorangecat really got my attention because of the floral fabric and the cute little deer applique. I think the whole design goes together beautifully, the pink floral with the black polka dot deer on it. Very sweet.

A classic ruffled apron by
I absolutely love ruffled aprons. They are the epitome of fun and flirty. This one is particularly gorgeous with it’s stripes, flowers and polka dots all mixed in to a funky finish. Great colors too.

Could you spot the theme today?

It was polka dots.