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Horsing Around

It was recently the Melbourne Cup in Australia which results in full on horsing around. The whole country stops and watches the race around the track, punters are out and ladies dress to impress. It’s a day to have a little time out, watch the race, sip champagne, choose a horse and for some odd reason, eat cold chicken. To celebrate the tradition, I have chosen some cute horsey items from Etsy to feature this week.

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find me at wear the heart is

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We’re all mad here

Alice in Wonderland was such a huge part of my childhood and has ultimately created an entire fashion and design culture. Written in 1865 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was an absolute dream, literally. Lewis Carroll was, in reality half Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, an academic and half the writer who created one of the most wonderful and influential children’s book of all time.
He based the main character Alice, on Alice Liddell, the daughter of a colleague.
Nowadays, almost every girl is in love with the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland, myself including and everywhere you look rabbits, tea cups, clocks, playing cards and chess are a constant reminder of this beautiful dream of a story.
So to celebrate my love and re-reading of the gorgeous book, I am featuring vintage tea cups I have found.

What a beauty from beekeepervintage , I love the soft colors and the vintage floral design.

Roses on a tea cup from TheCupboardShop Heaven!

I love the color on these pretties from fanciness.

Now these babies from seaglassvintage look like they would have been favored by the Mad Hatter himself.

I couldn’t go past this tea cup for it’s gorgeous lemon color and art deco-esque style from EmilyLynch.

This is so retro 60’s. So fun and funky from Kimaroo.

This set is so soft and pretty from roadtripvintageshop.