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Find me at Miss Karina

The world of head wear. Hats, fascinators and more! There’s so much creativity and invention, I love it! The possibilities are endless.

Check out these awesome finds on Etsy.

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Sassy & Sexy

Taking off in the 1930s with the likes of superstars such as Jean Harlow, Mae West, Greta Garbo and Ginger Rogers, pin up girls have been a part of popular culture ever since. With the numbers of original and tasteful pin ups dwindling, we still have some modern day beauties, like Dita Von Teese keeping up the act but the less tasteful seems to be on the increase these days.
The idea of the tasteful and beautiful pin-up has become less main stream and more under culture these days, associated more with Burlesque, Rockabilly, Lolita and Gothic culture.
I wanted to tie the idea of sexy aprons in with pin-ups so today I’m featuring a bit of both. Enjoy!

Find me at Fussy Gussy

Find me at Lover Dovers Clothing

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Find me at Fussy Gussy

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