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Photographing Blythe


Probably the biggest part of being a Blythe aficionado is taking their portraits. Here are some very inspiring and beautiful Blythe photographs for sale on Etsy.

Find me at Frankie Darling

Morgan Orton

Paper Sky Photography


Marivi Gomez



Feast your eyes

Find me at La Berge

There is a goldmine of beautiful art on Etsy. Often I feature photographs on my blog but since I am forever seeing prints and watercolours on the homepage and favoriting them I thought it was high time I did a post on the art of Etsy.
I purchased a beautiful watercolour not long ago on Etsy. It was a fabulous flamingo from the very talented Dimdi and I have just found a frame to put it in. It’s now hanging up in my room and it gives me so much joy to look at it.
I’ve always loved watercolor pictures and have equally never had much talent for them but if I could fill a house with the fantastic prints, watercolors, stencils and drawings of Etsy I would!!! But I would need a pretty big house.
Now go on and feast your eyes on these beautiful creations.

Find me at Holli

Find me at Whimsy

Find me at Nicole Kristiana Studio

Shelley Roze

Find me at United Thread

Find me at Two Ems

Find me at Ashley G and Drew

Find me at Heather Future

Find me at Sarah McNeil


Find me at Miss Karina

The world of head wear. Hats, fascinators and more! There’s so much creativity and invention, I love it! The possibilities are endless.

Check out these awesome finds on Etsy.

Find me at Chatham Girl

Find me at The Pillbox Fox

Find me at Batcakes

Find me at Topsy Turvy Design

Find me at Absolutely Hats

Find me at All Ginned Up

Find me at Twigs and Honey

Edible art

Eating too much at Christmas, a pretty universal trait I think. There are so many delicious sweets on Etsy, and some of the photos are so beautiful and artistic. So this Christmas why not stock up on some edible art, because we all know we’re going to eat way too much anyway.

Find me at friendly creationss

Find me at flour on her nose

Find me at fusion sweets

Find me at lolli dreams

Find me at Mihow

Find me at Nicole’s handmade treats

Find me at Sinners Saints & Sweets

Find me at Sparkles Kitchen

Find me at Clear Pink

Find me at The Realist Mermaid

Find me at lemon bird

Find me at Kettle Confections

Deary Me

I know, lame pun. But seriously, I adore deers and fawns, and vintage ones are even better. There is an abundance of them on Etsy and I love having a look from time to time. To save you the trouble I have picked the cream of the crop. From Bambi to silver, we’ve got it all. Enjoy your walk in the forest.

Find me at Peachy Chic Boutique

Find me at Prairie Girl Princess

Find me at mod owl

Find me at The Quirky Owl

Find me at The vintage mode

Find me at Lenox Market

Sold item from Hello Kewpie