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Horsing Around

It was recently the Melbourne Cup in Australia which results in full on horsing around. The whole country stops and watches the race around the track, punters are out and ladies dress to impress. It’s a day to have a little time out, watch the race, sip champagne, choose a horse and for some odd reason, eat cold chicken. To celebrate the tradition, I have chosen some cute horsey items from Etsy to feature this week.

Find me at yesstreen

find me at boxer loving lady

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find me at wear the heart is

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Old things

I have been having a serious vintage fest lately. I’ve officially started my kitschy ceramic animal collection. Now in the collection is a cat, a pig, a deer, a squirrel and recently bought off Etsy, an adorable lamb! I can’t wait to get him. He’s coming all the way from England.

When the family is together I will take some piccies.

I have found my vintage and retro love really blossoming, I’ve been incorporating vintage bits and bobs into my aprons and purchasing more older fabrics with retro flair.

I think I have realized that there are already so many amazing things in the world and they are so much more interesting than the things your find new in shops. Vintage things hold stories and time and they are such a pleasure to find at an op-shop or market.

When I have my own house one day I want it to be filled with all kinds of old, weird and wonderful things.

I have decided to feature vintage jewelry today as I have found the most wonderful shop on Etsy called Aged and Opulent Jewelry which has a huge collection of incredible finds.
Oh, the sparkles, the glitter, the gold! Vintage jewelry really got it right.

This is such a delight with it’s green and golds.

This is so beautiful and decadent.

I adore the colors in this piece. So enchanting.

Now this one has a real fucky retro thing going on. Love it and the hot pink is wonderful.

This one really catches my eye. Fun and even a little bit kitschy.

This is stunning. The emerald and aquamarine colors go beautifully together.

This has got to be my favorite color combination. Deep pink and gold.

Your ears would truly be delighted to have these lovelies on them!

Now I’m not sure if this reminds me of showgirl feathers or a turban but it’s definetly fun and amazing.

And to top it all of check out this impressive matching collection.

Go here to check out all these beauties and more! Aged and Opulent Jewelry