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Feast your eyes

Find me at La Berge

There is a goldmine of beautiful art on Etsy. Often I feature photographs on my blog but since I am forever seeing prints and watercolours on the homepage and favoriting them I thought it was high time I did a post on the art of Etsy.
I purchased a beautiful watercolour not long ago on Etsy. It was a fabulous flamingo from the very talented Dimdi and I have just found a frame to put it in. It’s now hanging up in my room and it gives me so much joy to look at it.
I’ve always loved watercolor pictures and have equally never had much talent for them but if I could fill a house with the fantastic prints, watercolors, stencils and drawings of Etsy I would!!! But I would need a pretty big house.
Now go on and feast your eyes on these beautiful creations.

Find me at Holli

Find me at Whimsy

Find me at Nicole Kristiana Studio

Shelley Roze

Find me at United Thread

Find me at Two Ems

Find me at Ashley G and Drew

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The aesthetic quality of the blur

Sometimes it can be hard to make a photograph interesting when the main focus is the bokeh or lights, like when I took a heap of photos of my different Christmas lights. There were small lights, fat lights, coloured lights which I thought would make for a pretty interesting photo. But it just ended up looking like blobs and I couldn’t see much interest in it at all.
The photo above was taking a different approach. I put the settings on soft focus and took a photo of the Christmas lights strung up above a blue/black night sky. It may not be the best photo but I think it is a lot more interesting than my ‘blob’ photos.

That’s why I am in such amazement of the fabulous bokeh photos on Etsy. They are captivating, interesting and I can honestly say I would hang them on my wall. Check them out.

Find me at Dylan Murphy Fine Art Photography

Find me at clamzee

Find me at Chelsea Victoria Photography

Find me at Patricia Ann Photography

Find me at Amelia Kay Photography

Find me at Catherine Nunnally Photography

Find me at Big Bean Photography

Find me at Kitty Rogers Photography

Find me at Marianne LoMonaco Fine Art Photography