Some super fantastic panda items. Let’s keep up the love for these amazing and gorgeous endangered species.

Find me at Janine Basil

Find me at Nitika’s

Find me at HeliS

Find me at Felted Love

Find me at Em & Sprout

Find me at Creative Thursday

Find me at Kukubee

Find me at Signs

Find me at Fluff and Fuzz

Find me at Berkley Illustration


6 responses to “Pandalicious

  1. Super Blog! I love all the photos you have compiled 🙂
    Thanks for including the Panda that I have listed on ETSY!

  2. Great collection of sweet Pandas!
    Thanks for including my Panda brooch here too 🙂

  3. so cute,panda

  4. What an amazing collection! Thank you so much for including my knitted panda! Amanda, fluff and fuzz

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