Nap time!

Don’t you just love vintage cushions? I know I have a whole stack of fabrics in my room ready to be made into heavenly cushions but I never seem to get around to making them.  So I have scoured Etsy and have the cutest cushions and pillows for you today. There’s retro, vintage, young and old. So rest those weary heads and have a nap.

Find me at plonka home

Find me at tbmum

Find me at chocolate creative

Find me at collecting feathers

Find me at gloaming designs

Find me at faded splendour

Find me at lemontree farm

Find me at vintage maison

Find me at Team Ruster

Find me at rock this vintage


3 responses to “Nap time!

  1. Hi Thea! Thank you SO much for featuring my French cushion on your lovely blog – I just love the other cushions too – want them all! Best regards, Carol x

  2. What a nice morning surprise! Thank you so very much Thea! You’ve made my day!

  3. how fun! thanks so much for including my little pink cushion and for letting me know about your sweet blog 🙂

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