Vintage dollies

Retro and vintage toys. They have been abandoned, played with for a short time, forgotten. The lost toys. Outdated but fabulous. We are now seeing a revival of love for these toys. With original Kenner Blythe dolls fetching up to 2 or 3 thousand on ebay, collectors of my little pony and care bears making them sought after little 80’s toys, we are remembering these wonderful toys once again. Yay for retro and vintage!

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2 responses to “Vintage dollies

  1. Aren’t these old dolls wonderful? After seeing “Toy Story 3” with my kids, I’m even more enamored with forgotten and abandoned playthings. Thanks for featuring the cute little guy in my shop!

    • I know, I loved Toy Story 3 for that same reason. It’s wonderful to think toys have a secret life of their own and all they want is to be played with. Nicely and respectfully of course. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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