Wonderful finds, Gorgeous creations

I am very excited as today I have discovered someone extremely inspiring. I have stumbled upon sohomode in my travels through the world of Etsy.

sohomode is selling beautifully crafted and one of a kind dresses made from vintage and found materials. Her custom tea dresses have really taken my breathe away.

There are a few reasons I adore being a part of Etsy. It’s not just being able to keep a little shop and feel proud of it but it’s also having the opportunity be involved in such a thriving, creative community.
There’s constantly new things to be inspired and astonished by.

Take a look at sohomode‘s incredible creations.

This was the first dress I came across and I actually gasped when I saw it. The fabric she uses is just spectacular. I have always been in love with floral and vintage and retro floral even more so.

The pastel colors on this dress are so lovely and the puffy design is simply reminiscent of meringues and tea parties. Devine!

The boldness of the colors really took me with this dress.
It’s like wearing a brilliant and flourishing garden. the cut is very flattering also.

This dress is possibly my very favorite. The scatterings of flowers in strictly retro colors and the shape of the dress. Faultless.

Visit  sohomode to see her entire range.


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